1. When the client sets up an appointment, they will meet directly with one of our professional landscape designers. During the initial consultation we present individual design options / discuss individual options based on the property and the tastes of the client.

2. Next, we agree on the basic plan. By listening to the clients’ expectations and tastes, the job becomes a collaboration, incorporating the likes and dislikes of the client. It is our goal for the project be a reflection of the client. Therefore, during the first appointment we present creative options based on personal preferences and agree on the initial design and style of the work.

3. The third step is to survey the site and present a preliminary plan. Once we have agreed on a general plan, our landscape designer and design crew determine the best options to reach the goal. They are presented with various cost options to achieve the best quality within individual budget goals.

4. Once the agreement is made for the client we present the client with a draft of the proposed landscape design. We use high quality illustrations of what the project will look like upon completion. The client can then determine if this fits their expectations. If any adjustments to the design are needed, they are done and when the client is in agreement, the final draft is drawn up.

5. The fifth step is presenting the contract to the client to be signed. Upon agreeing to the contract, the project team including landscape designers, construction and installation crew is coordinated based on the elements of the site and requirements of the plans.

6. The team begins the landscape preparations of the foundation, followed by structural construction (hardscape, walkways, cement and stone work, irrigation, etc) and finishes with plantings throughout the site.